About John L Timmons


John L. Timmons (1941 – ?) was born on a farm in North East Missouri.  At 17 he left for college and did not return to live on the farm for 29 years.  During his absence from the farm he received a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Masters of Art in Social Science Education, and an ABD toward a Ph. D in Educational Foundations.  He taught eight years in an inner-city high school, four years at the university level, and played and studied the commodity futures markets. He returned to the farm in 1987 and only lasted two and one half-years there (he had changed).  After leaving the farm again in 1990, he wound up on the faculty at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, and retired in 2014.  He has authored and coauthored eighteen books, developed five online classes, and created a number of other media productions. (Also see Vita under “About Us”  in the top right menu of our homepage).